High energy, mineral and vitamin licks

Maxx Dry Cow

Support your milking cows in dry period! MaXx Dry Cow helps to prevent problems around calving by supplying neccesary nutrients (vitamins, minerals, protein, energy) to cows supporting calf development. We can avoid problematic calving. We will have healthy calves.


Maxx Energy Plus

Support the energy, vitamin and mineral supply of animals and rumen microbes in the negative energy balance period (just after calving or bad condition)! Ensure good body condition of your animals, minimize the risk of ketosis and maximize muscle production and milk yield.


Maxx Original Plus

Ensure fast absorbing minerals, vitamins and energy for rumen microbes so that they can multiply, causing better forage utilization throughout the year. Highly recommended to avoid acidosis to ensure healthy ruminants and economic production.


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