The aim of Animaxx-Premium Ltd is to introduce such products into the agricultural market that are based on the latest research results and manufacturing processes. The use of these products is ment to aid farmers to reach their goals and have a positive effect on the environment at the same time.

With the application of the product animals’ comfort can be increased and thereby health can be improved that allows a higher production and a longer useful life of stock. Our aim is to improve productive environtment in the long run, the appropriate feeding of the animals, which ensures proper circumstances for the following generations. At the same time big emphasis is laid upon the effects of the product and its byproducts on the environment, animals and humans.

At the selection of the products sustainability is a basic aspect. We would like to improve animals welfare and health with the help of preventive methods, so that we increase useful life. Our purpose is to distribute supplementary solutions that help farmers make their production as economical as possible.